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BOBU Sticker Street Safety Campaign Brighton and Hove x Pockett Marketing

About Us

Back Off. Back Up. is more than a street safety initiative.


Developed by the team at Across Rainbows, the BOBU movement arose in response to people feeling unsafe or anxious while out and about and having nowhere to turn. Hate crimes have doubled in the last five years.


Nobody should feel threatened in public because of their gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, or skin colour—and yet they often still do. Sometimes, threats aren’t obvious.


It’s not always about violence, or verbal abuse. It can be just a gut feeling; a sense of being stared at, followed, or just not being welcome.


Knowing that your community has your back is reassuring. We want to empower people to be able to ask for help or support when they feel something’s off, knowing that they’ll be taken seriously and be protected from harm.

Since our launch in 2021, we’ve moved beyond our beloved Brighton & Hove hometown to venues in London and the Midlands, working to keep the momentum and build a vetted network of safe spaces across the UK.


All of the registered venues on the BOBU app have completed our queer-centred inclusivity training course: ‘Bear Neccessities'.

Our training course emphasises the importance of everyone feeling valued and supported—not just as a matter of policy but as a core aspect of the hospitality experience.


Users have the ability to rate and review venues that they have visited through the app which we then monitor, revisiting where necessary to ensure that people’s experience at any given “safe space” is a positive one.


Download the app today and be a part of the BOBU movement.

BOBU the bear mascot illustration purple bear head
BOBU Sticker Street Safety Campaign Brighton and Hove x Pockett Marketing

We are on a BOBU Mission..

To create a reliable network of safe and welcoming spaces across the UK and establish an industry that welcomes everyone and goes the extra mile to create safe and inclusive spaces.

BOBU App Overview:

  • Facilitates easy navigation of vetted safe spaces throughout the UK.

  • A personal guide to discovering welcoming venues that allow you to be your authentic self.

The Power of the BOBU Sticker:

  • A powerful symbol of safety, support, and commitment to creating welcoming spaces.

  • Look for BOBU stickers to identify BOBU-approved venues and safe, supportive places.

User Engagement:

  • Rate venues on safety through the app.

  • User feedback helps maintain the quality and safety of the BOBU network.

BOBU Training for Venues:

  • Venues undergo BOBU training: "The Bear Necessities” - Embrace, Celebrate, Thrive."

  • Trained staff ready to support customers, ensuring safe and enjoyable experiences

BOBU Sexual Health:

  • Safe spaces to receive sexual health advice and treatment.

BOBU Safe Spaces Everywhere:

  • Whether heading out for a night on the town, seeking a cosy spot, or celebrating, BOBU-approved spaces prioritize your safety.

  • These are places where you can be yourself, free from judgment or discrimination.

BOBU the bear mascot illustration purple bear
BOBU Sticker Street Safety Campaign Brighton and Hove x Pockett Marketing
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Why we need BOBU..

Addressing Rising Hate Crimes:

Hate crimes are increasing worldwide, necessitating action to combat them.

Promoting Inclusivity and Safe Spaces:

Creating judgment-free safe spaces where everyone feels respected and secure.

Educational Outreach:

Conducting safety workshops to equip venues with tools for inclusivity.

Easy Healthcare Access:

Connecting individuals to healthcare providers for sexual health services and HIV testing to address disparities.

Accountability and Feedback:

Employing a 5-star rating system to ensure accountability and maintain safety standards.

Ready to Join the Movement?

Bobu the bear mascot illustration purple bear
BOBU Sticker Street Safety Campaign Brighton and Hove x Pockett Marketing
Bobu the bear mascot illustration purple bear

Download the BOBU app today

Available for all mobile devices

BOBU App Download Button for Google Play Store
BOBU App Download Button for Apple iOS App Store

The official Back Off. Back Up. app is free to download and available for Android and Apple iOS users.

Download the app today and join the movement for safer streets, safer cities.

Become a BOBU-Approved Venue

Calling All Venues: Join the BOBU Movement for Safe Spaces


Are you the owner of an independent venue in the UK? Back Off Back Up (BOBU) is on a mission to create a supportive network of safe spaces across the country, and we need venues like yours to join us!

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