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BOBU Sticker Street Safety Campaign Brighton and Hove x Pockett Marketing

BOBU Venues

Join the Back Off. Back Up. Campaign

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Calling All Venues: Join the BOBU Movement for Safe Spaces across the United Kingdom


Are you the owner of an independent venue in the UK? We want you to be part of something special - a movement that's changing the way we experience hospitality.


Back Off Back Up (BOBU) is on a mission to create a supportive network of safe spaces across the country, and we need venues like yours to join us!

What's in it for you? By becoming a BOBU-approved venue, you'll proudly display our BOBU sticker. This sticker signifies your commitment to providing a safe and inclusive environment for all your customers. It's a symbol that tells people, "You're welcome here, just as you are." Our approach is simple yet powerful: we provide venues with BOBU training, where you and your staff will learn to "Embrace, Celebrate, Thrive."


This training is more than just words; it's a promise to prioritize the well-being and security of everyone who walks through your doors. At BOBU, we understand that safety isn't just a policy; it's a lived experience. We're here to support you every step of the way as you create a space where everyone feels valued and cherished. So, if you're ready to be part of a movement that's redefining hospitality and making a difference in your community, join us!


Let's work together to build a network of safe, welcoming venues that spreads love and support throughout the UK. Get in touch with us today and become a part of the BOBU family. Together, we can make the hospitality industry a better, safer place for all.

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Introduction to BOBU Training




In the world of Hospitality Training, BOBU presents "Embrace, Celebrate, Thrive" - a training program crafted by Queer individuals and venue owners in the vibrant Kemptown community of Brighton & Hove, UK.

Embrace, Celebrate, Thrive represent the very essence of safety, where everyone is not just protected but inspired to grow, achieve, and truly belong. We don't just redefine hospitality; we revolutionise it.


Our training program embodies three words that are the embodiment of genuine inclusion: Embrace, Celebrate, Thrive. The choice of Embrace, Celebrate, and Thrive over "Diversity, Inclusivity, and Equality" is intentional. While the latter terms are important, the former is chosen to create a more warm, inclusive, and action-oriented approach.


They convey a sense of hospitality and active involvement, which aligns better with the goals of the hospitality industry. These words place a strong emphasis on making everyone feel safe and valued, not just as a matter of policy but as a core aspect of the hospitality experience.


They encourage individuals to actively participate in creating a safe and inclusive environment.

Embrace, Celebrate, and Thrive go beyond theoretical concepts; they evoke a sense of welcome, joy, and growth, which are essential aspects of safety. It's not just about avoiding harm but actively promoting well-being and security.


Embrace, Celebrate, and Thrive convey the heart and soul of our Inclusive Hospitality Training, where safety is not just a concept but a lived experience for all.

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Arcobaleno Back Off Backup UK Safe Spaces Safer Cities Campaign LGBTQ+

Becoming a BOBU Venue

A Simple & Streamlined Process..

Step One - Sign up

Fill out our Venue Sign-up Form on

Step Two - Initial Meeting

We'll schedule a meeting to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.


Step Three - BOBU Training

Once that's done, we'll set up a BOBU training session at your convenience.


Step Four - Venue Branding

After the training we'll install BOBU stickers around your venue and give you flyers for your customers.


Step Five - App Inclusion

Your venue will be added to the Official Back Off. Back Up. BOBU app, and we'll give you a big shout-out on our social media platforms.


BOBU Venue Sign-up

Register your Venue/Business with BOBU

Success! Message sent

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What We Provide..

App Presence & Website Link:

Your business details prominently featured on the BOBU app, driving traffic to your site.


Training Programmes:

In-depth sessions on LGBTQ+ inclusion for your team.


Branded Materials: 

Branded flyers and stickers to display your LGBTQ+ commitment. Social


Media Recognition:

Acknowledgment on our platforms for your support.


Community Involvement:

Participate in forums shaping safety strategies in venues.


Demonstrating EDI Commitment:

Active involvement showcases your commitment to Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion.

Advertising Exposure: 

Gain recognition through our partnerships and campaigns.


Join A Progressive Movement:

Associate with Back Off. Back Up. for progressive values.


Progress Tracking:

Quarterly reviews to ensure our shared goals are met and adjust as needed.

Arcobaleno Mainspace Banner Back off Back up Website Pockett Marketing

What You'll Receive..

Supports the LGBTQ+ Community:

BOBU partnership shows solidarity and involvement in LGBTQ+ causes.


Attracts Diverse Custom: 

By embracing inclusivity, your business appeals to a broader customer base.


Emphasises Inclusivity: 

Sends a clear message about valuing diversity in your organisation.


Attracts Top Talent: 

LGBTQ+-friendly workplaces draw skilled, diverse employees.


Gains Media Attention: 

Demonstrating LGBTQ+ support can lead to media coverage.


Aligns With Mission: 

Reinforces your commitment to diversity and inclusion


Demonstrates Social Leadership: 

Leading in LGBTQ+ advocacy advances social change.


Enhances Media Presence: 

Consistent LGBTQ+ inclusivity messaging strengthens your media image.


Boosts Employee Engagement: 

LGBTQ+ inclusivity improves workplace satisfaction.


Strengthens Local Ties: 

Engaging with local LGBTQ+ groups fosters community connections.


BOBU Sticker Street Safety Campaign Brighton and Hove x Pockett Marketing

What You'll Invest..

No Sign-up Fee | 12 Month Commitment

Monthly subscription based on size/number of employees:

•Up to 5 employees

•Up to 10 employees

•Up to 20 employees

•Over 20 employees


The subscription covers resources for training, training materials, stickers, flyers and app updates and developments. A percentage of the subscription fee goes to supporting the LGBTQ+ Community.

The App

The official Back Off. Back Up. app is a vital component of the Back Off. Back Up. initiative, designed to create safer and more inclusive communities, especially for individuals who face discrimination, harassment, or hate crimes, with a focus on the LGBTQ+ community.


Key features of the Back Off. Back Up. app include:


Safe Space Locator: The app helps users identify designated ‘safe spaces’ in their vicinity, which are businesses and venues committed to creating inclusive and welcoming environments. Users can easily find these spaces with the help of the app, fostering a sense of safety and belonging.


Healthcare Access: In addition to identifying safe spaces, the app also assists users in locating nearby healthcare providers offering services related to sexual health, including HIV testing. This is particularly important for individuals who may face barriers to accessing healthcare services.


User Feedback: The app incorporates a 5-star rating system that enables users to provide feedback on their experiences after visiting designated safe spaces and healthcare providers. This feedback mechanism helps maintain high safety standards and ensures accountability.


Community Support: The app serves as a resource for individuals who experience discrimination or hate crimes, how to access local services, and seek immediate help when needed. Promoting Inclusivity: By using the app, individuals actively participate in promoting inclusivity and creating a safer environment for everyone.

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