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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Back Off. Back Up. (BOBU)?
Back Off. Back Up. encourages venues, businesses, and public spaces to become designated ‘safe spots’. These are spaces where anyone can seek immediate assistance when they feel unsafe, physically, or emotionally.
These safe places display the Back Off. Back Up. sticker, signifying their commitment to inclusivity and support.


Why is it important for my venue participate in BOBU training?
BOBU training empowers your staff to foster an inclusive environment, ensuring that all customers, regardless of their identity, feel welcome and safe.


How long does the BOBU training take?
The duration may vary, but typically, the training can be completed in a few hours. It's designed to be comprehensive yet efficient.


Who in our team should undergo BOBU training?
Ideally, all staff members who interact with patrons should undergo BOBU training. This includes front-of-house, back-of-house, and management staff.


Is BOBU training a one-time event, or an on-going process?
Whilst the initial training is crucial, fostering an inclusive environment is an ongoing commitment. Periodic refresher courses and updates are recommended.


Can we customise the training to suit our venue's specific needs?
Yes, BOBU training is adaptable. You can work with BOBU facilitators to address specific concerns or tailor the content to better suit the dynamics of your venue.


How does BOBU training address different aspects of inclusivity?
 The training covers a range of topics, including understanding diverse identities, fostering empathy, handling situations of discrimination, and creating an overall inclusive atmosphere.


Is BOBU training recognised or certified?
BOBU provides a certificate upon completion. While recognition may vary, the training is designed to meet industry standards for LGBTQ+ inclusivity.


How do we promote that our venue is certified as a BOBU approved venue?
Once trained, you'll receive materials such as stickers and certificates to display. Additionally, BOBU provides digital badges for online promotion.


What ongoing support is available after completing BOBU training?
BOBU offers ongoing resources, updates, and a community network to support venues in their journey to maintain and enhance LGBTQ+ inclusivity.


What happens if my venue wants to end it's subscription with BOBU? 
If you decide to end your subscription with BOBU, you'll need to contact the BOBU support team for assistance. They will guide you through the process and provide any necessary information on ending your participation in the Back Off. Back Up initiative. Keep in mind that terminating the subscription may impact access to training materials and ongoing support, so consider discussing any concerns with the support team before making a final decision.

This all sounds great, but I still have a few questions?

For more information on BOBU training, venue subscriptions, volunteering, or other queries - please contact us via the form above, or pop us an email on


Thank you


F.A.Q Section
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