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Back Off. Back Up

Safer Streets, Safer Cities.

Back Off. Back Up. is a signpost to your nearest safe space. It empowers LGBTQ+ people and anyone who has ever felt unsafe on their walk home, to ask for help should they need it.


We encourage local businesses and venues to become designated "safe spaces" and help their community to feel confident while out and about. The BOBU interactive app or sticker in a window signposts places that have participated in our inclusive hospitality training programme and are committed to offering shelter, or support, to anyone feeling anxious, uncomfortable, or threatened.


From small independents to global brands like Wagamama, our network of approved venues undergo comprehensive BOBU training and support - making sure they are there for you, when you need them most.

BOBU Sticker Street Safety Campaign Brighton and Hove x Wagamama x Pockett Marketing

Safe Spaces at your Fingertips

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Asking for help is hard. Even when we feel threatened, it can feel easier to keep our heads down and keep walking, hoping it’ll go away.

Back Off. Back Up. is a signal that it’s OK to ask for help. 

People who see the yellow and purple sticker displayed on our storefront will be reminded that our businesses are safe, non-judgemental spaces anyone can hop into to escape a scary or unwanted situation at any time. 

Sometimes people just need to know support is out there.

Downloading the BOBU App
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Back Off. Back Up for Mobile Users

Download The Official BOBU App

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The official Back Off. Back Up. app is free to download and available for Android and Apple iOS users.

Download the app today and join the movement for safer streets, safer cities.

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BOBU Testimonials

Shaun's story was the inspiration for BOBU
Here Shaun explains why the campaign is so important 

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